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West Coast Tuning is offering Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway !

Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway

West Coast Tuning has the right refrigerant gas and tools to safely repair and recharge most automotive air conditioning systems. Don’t melt in your car this summer, have your air conditioning checked by an authorized technician. of Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway. The new vehicles use the more environmental friendly refrigerant HFO-R1234yf. Our technicians in Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway offer equipment for the safe handling of R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. A Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway technician can perform a complete air conditioning gas refilling service needed:

R-134a is one of the most commonly used refrigerant gases in vehicle air conditioning systems. It is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) that is a major contributor to global warming. R-134a is available for refilling air conditioning refrigerant gas in older cars, but is being phased out. Newly manufactured cars use R-1234yf, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas.

The two different refrigerant gases cannot be mixed. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system uses R-134a, Our technicians in air conditioning gas refilling Galway fill with R-134a gas. An R-134a system can be upgraded to R-1234yf by completely replacing the refrigerant and making minor changes to the air conditioning system. However, if your R-134a air conditioning system is in good condition, there is no need to switch to the new refrigerant.

Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway


Air conditioning re-gassing

You really can’t live without air conditioning (A/C) in Australia. In your car, air conditioning is a must. It could be argued that there are more important things in your car, a metal box on wheels that gradually getting hot on hot days and in heavy traffic. Therefore, it is very important to keep your air conditioner in good condition.

Over time, your air conditioner works much less efficiently, putting more pressure on your engine and therefore using more fuel. In just a year or two, you’ll likely notice a significant drop in cooling efficiency and an increase in windshield defogging time during the winter months. It can also cause damage to other parts of the air conditioner, leading to unnecessary and potentially expensive repair bills.

The technicians of Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway remove the old refrigerant, measures it, and then replaces it with the correct amount of new refrigerant as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Our technicians of Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway also vacuum the system before recharging to remove excess moisture and air, a major cause of premature air conditioning failure.

Modern air conditioners are designed to work with a specific amount and type of refrigerant gas. Too little and your vehicle’s cooling efficiency will be reduced. However, Too much and you can damage the compressor which is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning system. Our qualified professionals of Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway have the skills and equipment to do it properly. While it may cost you a bit more initially, it will definitely save your money in the long run. To keep your air conditioning system working optimally for longer.

Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway

We use a fully automatic charging system to service air conditioners for all makes and models of vehicles. Our mechanics of air conditioning gas refilling Galway are fully trained to perform maintenance of air conditioning. On average, an air conditioner loses 10% of its refrigerant per year
Eventually this will cause your system to stop working if the gas pressure drops below a certain level.
So no, you won’t be wrong if you think that it worked much better before. Regular maintenance with this auto air conditioner charger will breathe new life into your air conditioner for maximum cooling and fuel efficiency.

Air Conditioning Service Galway

Guidelines for Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway

  • The mechanics of our Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway recommend you to check that the air filters needs to be clean and that the evaporator/condenser coils are free of dirt, debris before gas refilling. If any part is dirty, it can cause the air conditioner not to cool even after gas refilling.
  • Check for problem in the air conditioning unit, such as: brakeage inside the air conditioning unit.
  • Our Air Conditioning Gas Refilling Galway verify that the evaporator fan and condenser fan are working properly. If any one of them is not working properly, the air conditioner will not cool down efficiently.
  • Our technicians of air conditioning gas refilling Galway do a thorough inspection of the air conditioning unit and check the coils for leaks which are usually found around joints and connections.


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