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Air Conditioning Service Galway

The newer models, which are only seen in luxury cars, now have air conditioning. These complex systems can significantly improve driving comfort if they work properly. But like all advanced automotive systems, they need regular Air Conditioning Service Galway for inspection and maintenance to keep them running efficiently. A fault in the air conditioning system can affect the driver and passenger comfort, increased fuel consumption, increased risk of health problems due to bacteria build-up in the air supply and can even affect safety.

West Coast Tuning recently invested in a custom Air Conditioning Service Galway,. Device charging system and good staff with competent experience. Our expert in Air conditioning service Galway can help you with all your air conditioning regasification needs. Automotive air conditioners should be inspected and tested annually, and fully serviced every two years, with filters, dryers, and refrigerants replaced as needed by our expert in Air Conditioning Service Galway.

At West Coast Tuning our experts in Air Conditioning Service Galway have recently invested in specialist air conditioning. equipment handling system and well-trained staff with excellent qualifications and experience in air conditioning servicing
The experts of our Air Conditioning Service Galway can check. vehicle air conditioning systems which should be inspected and tested annually and fully serviced every two years, with filters, dryers and refrigerants replaced as necessary. failure to make it which could mean:
– Driver lethargy and lack of concentration.
– Increased stress on the driver and front passenger on hot days.
– Danger of spreading bacteria, fungi and viruses through the vehicle’s ventilation system.
– Costly system downtime.

Air Conditioning Service Galway

Air Conditioning Service Dublin

Car Air Conditioning Service Galway

At West Coast Tuning, our experienced technicians can ensure you get the best performance of air conditioning service Galway
Your car’s air conditioning system with state-of-the-art equipment from the specialized supplier. The CLIMA-8500 EVO device guarantees fast, safe and efficient support and maintenance of any air conditioner.

Our Air Conditioning Service Galway has an up-to-date database of specific charging parameters for every vehicle on the market and can even print out completed service logs. Our modern equipment fully complies with all European quality, environmental and safety standards.
The regulations and all our technicians in Air Conditioning Service Galway are trained in the handling of F-gases, which is a legal requirement for this type of work. After getting Air Conditioning Service Galway you’ll see the difference right away and enjoy all the long-term benefits of better air quality in your car.

Today, more than two-thirds of cars are equipped with air conditioning or weather controlled air conditioning. These systems should be used to cool, heat and dry the air on both hot and cold days. You should always keep in mind that certain parts of your air conditioning system require regular maintenance to ensure that they work efficiently and properly and that they do not cause any harm to the vehicle’s occupants. For this reason, the experts of our Air Conditioning Service Galway recommend that if your car is more than two years old, it should be refuelled. The system also needs maintenance and cleaning. 90% of all new cars are equipped with air conditioning. Be sure to check it regularly. Otherwise, it may break down, consume more fuel, or create bad odours in the car.

Air Conditioning Service iGalway
Air Conditioning Service Galway

Advantages of air conditioning

We don’t need to explain how comfortable it is to sit in a cool car when it’s scorching hot outside. But research has shown that it is also safer. Drivers who drive an air-conditioned vehicle at a comfortable temperature respond faster and better. Your filter also helps improve the air quality in the car by capturing pollen and dust. In winter, it can be used to quickly remove mist from the windshield.

Do you need air conditioning service Galway

Car Air conditioning must be maintained so that it does not fail completely, which incurs significant costs. A faulty air conditioning system also leads to increased fuel consumption or can cause bad odours in the vehicle. There are two types of Air conditioning service Galway available with us an annual smaller check-up and a semi-annual Air conditioning service Galway

How often do you need air conditioning service Galway

Our advice: make sure to disinfect it once a year. You should also change the filter every year,
Check well every two years. Our air conditioning service Galway avoids high repair costs for the entire system and avoids total failure.
Charge the air conditioner approximately every 20,000 km or every 2 years,
Replace the cabin filter every time you charge the air conditioner.
Contact our Air Conditioning Service Galway experts for more information and advice.

How to protect air conditioning system

The best thing you can do to help your air conditioner is to stick to a maintenance schedule. To avoid fungus or bacteria, Our technicians in air conditioning service Galway recommend turning off the air conditioner about five minutes before stopping the car. Leave the ventilator on. This makes the vaporizer completely dry, making it unattractive to fungus and bacteria.

There are two reasons of using air conditioning in the winter. First, you save time in the morning because the windshield mists up quickly. Second, turning it on regularly for about 10 minutes will ensure a long life for the system.


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