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West Coast Tuning offers DTC solutions   & Advanced Diagnostics of Phantom Error Codes.


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Sometimes DTC error codes are false, called Phantom Error Codes

Are you having warning lights appear on the Dashboard?


Is your car performing well with no change in performance?


You might be experiencing Phantom or ghost error codes.


You might need to contact West Coast Tuning to book your car in for some Advanced Diagnostics. West Coast Tuning offers DTC Solutions.

Phantom error codes are codes that the car or van’s ECU (Engine control unit) shows up by mistake. With all the sensors that the ECU controls and reads from there will be times that the codes will be false.

West Coast Tuning uses the latest tools to quickly identify the cause of the codes you are experiencing and when they are found to be phantom codes we can turn them off and get you back on the road.

Remember to book your car or van in for Advanced Diagnostics with West Coast Tuning.

DTC Solutions @ WCT


Phantom Fault Codes Diagnosed @ West Coast Tuning

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