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DPF removal by West Coast Tuning Galway


So what exactly is a DPF and what does it do?


A DPF is an eco-system that was designed to contain solid particle matter from combusted diesel fuel that is emitted with the exhaust; basically it is a soot filter. DPF’s started to be fitted into diesel engines from 2005/2006 with the aim of making the diesel engine more environmentally friendly. But as with all working parts these filters need to be replaced, and when they do the cost can run into the thousands.

Here at West Coasting Tuning we offer a complete DPF cleaning and removal service across all makes and models of diesel vehicles.


What factors can cause your DPF to fail


The DPF is fully compacted and cannot do a DPF regeneration.DPF Diagram


DPF regeneration is prevented by driving smaller journeys i.e. City centre deliveries.

Engine issues preventing the DPF regeneration function to work correctly.

Failed Engine Sensors.


The benefits to DPF Removal


Reduces the cost of replacement.

Gives you back better fuel economy.

Prevents any further DPF error lights.

Allows better driving on smaller journeys.


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If you would to Clean your DPF check out our cleaning system in action. Click here.

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    “I recently bought an older van and it started to drive badly with no warranty from the seller. It was loosing power, producing black smoke and I was advised to get the EGR remapped, after looking around I found the guys at West Coast Tuning. They remapped the EGR, sorted the black smoke, give me back power and as an extra benefit I got better fuel economy. Thanks WCT, I don’t need to change the van” – Alan F : Galway

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