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Welcome To Air Conditioning Repair Galway Center

Your car’s air conditioning provides comfort and safety at any time of the year. Comfortable summer temperatures make you more focused, right? Use air conditioning in winter to prevent windows from fogging up.
It is very important that your air conditioner works optimally. Regular inspection is essential to prevent damage to your vehicle. Do you want to know the current status of your air conditioning? Visit our expert of Air Conditioning Repair Galway for a free air conditioner check. You are always welcome, even without an appointment with our expert of Air Conditioning Repair Galway

Best way to run my air conditioning

Switch on the air conditioner and make sure it is not set to “Eco mode”. When you first sit in a warm car, open the windows, make sure that the valves are at face height and that the system is set to the same, not your feet. Remember that cold air falls. Lower the temperature as low as possible and the fan as high as possible. Also make sure that the air is in the “circulating air” position and that no outside air is being sucked in. Better cool the already chilled air!! If the temperature is more comfortable, close the windows and increase the temperature to a more comfortable level and reduce the fan speed. You should also point the air vents up to ensure cold air flows down.

Air Conditioning Repair Galway


Car Air Conditioning Repair Galway

Most manufacturers recommend checking your car’s air conditioning every two years. Our technician in air conditioning repair Galway advice to become careful because not doing this could result::

Demisting the windows in winter takes longer
The air conditioner doesn’t work properly, making driving uncomfortable when it’s hot outside
Parts of your air conditioning unit are seizing up and pipes are cracking
higher fuel consumption
Horrible smells of bacteria build up in the vents
Small problems are not solved until they become bigger and more expensive.
The air conditioner stops working completely

It is estimated that more than two-thirds of cars now have air conditioning or air conditioning as standard. They play a key role for drivers and require regular maintenance to keep them running. At West Coast Tuning our Air Conditioning Repair Galway experts have over 5 years of experience and a team of experienced Air Conditioning Repair Galway mechanics to make servicing whole Ireland car air conditioner easy.

Air Conditioning Repair Galway

Have your air conditioning service in garage

With a fully automatic charging system, the technicians of our air conditioning repair Galway offers to serve air conditioning systems of all vehicle brands and models. Our mechanics specialize in air conditioning repair Galway are fully trained to perform air conditioning maintenance. On average, an air conditioner loses 10% refrigerant per year. This eventually causes your air conditioning system to stop working when the gas pressure drops below a certain level. So regular maintenance with this automatic air conditioner charger will breathe new life into your air conditioner for maximum cooling and fuel efficiency.

Why you need car Air Conditioning Repair Galway

Over time, the gases from your vehicle’s air conditioning system are expelled from the air conditioning or climate control system. It happens because car air conditioners are designed to leak. Car engines vibrate, pipes move, and rubber rings expand and contract, causing a leak. This leak can be caused by not using the air conditioner during the winter months, causing the small O rings to dry out and the air conditioner to gradually deteriorate.

If this continues, at some point the system will stop working altogether and you need technical expert of air conditioning repair Galway. Most problems of this nature can be resolved fairly easily by checking your system for leaks and then fully recovering and recharging your refrigerant, often referred to as recharging the air conditioner.

Using your car’s air conditioning system all year round helps maintain the system. Running the air conditioner in the winter helps keep the system well lubricated and leak-free as the refrigerant is actually carrying the oil that lubricates the system and compressor. Our mechanics of air conditioning repair Galway provide quality services that also keeps joints and pipes moist and prevents them from drying out and cracking, causing leaks.

Some important facts about car air conditioning: A bad smell from the air conditioning system can be caused by buildup of bacteria. As your vehicle ages, or when air conditioning systems are used infrequently, bacteria, microorganisms, mold and mildew begin to grow behind that create very unpleasant odors. Some people claim this can lead to headaches and flu-like symptoms. Our experts of air conditioning repair Galway can be fixed by using it as an antibacterial agent, which kills bacterial growth and makes your car smell fresh again.

Air Conditioning Repair Galway
Car Air Conditioning Servicing Procedure

Manufacturers recommend servicing your car’s air conditioner in every two years. This car air conditioning service includes evacuating the gaseous refrigerant and changing the lubricating oil, as well as checking the system for leaks. Air conditioning repair and maintenance will save your money in the long run and keep you comfortable in the warmer months. Our air Conditioning repair Galway Center follows the following procedure to resolve car air conditioner:

  • Disposal and cleaning of R134a refrigerant
  • Elimination of used oils circulating in the air conditioning system
  • Vacuum drying of car’s air conditioning system.
  • Pressure testing by installation of right system
  • New oil filling in the system
  • Filling installation with R134a refrigerant and addition of UV contrast
  • Thorough air conditioning test

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