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What is a DPF (diesel particulate filter)?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter in the exhaust system that captures and stores exhaust soot in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars.

When the DPF begins to fill with material the engine begins a process called regeneration to burn off this material to self clean the DPF. What if this process is not successful? Your car or van can start to experience many issues.


Here are the symptoms of a Blocked DPF Filter:


The engine begins to lose power and feel weaker.

The engine will use more of its energy trying to push the exhaust fumes out through the DPF that is almost blocked and generally leaves less energy for acceleration.

Your engine begins to be less fuel economy.

As your engine is not working efficiently it will not burn fuel efficient. Not only does a blocked DPF filter make your engine use more fuel, the acceleration that you do is not as powerful due to the engine not being able to expel its emissions.

Your Engine begins to show issues of not starting.

When a blocked DPF causes a build up of gas in the engine that can’t go anywhere and if the pressure can’t be be released it means the engine won’t start.

The Engine Smells Strange

All this gas that has built up in your engine will not smell overly nice. Not only is this dangerous due to the raised potential of engine damage or even fires.

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