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What is  ECU Remapping / Car Tuning / Chip Tuning?


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What is ECU remapping  or Chip tuning?


When West Coast Tuning remaps your ECU or in other terms tunes your car’s chip, we are modifying your car’s controller by adding a map that controls the running of your engine.  ECU remapping or Chip Tuning are both terms that refers to the same thing, modifying the data within the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to gain better performance or more economic performance or even remove an aspect of the engine that is causing issues (EGR / DPF).


Other Benefits:

Improved acceleration.

Increased Torque.

Greater fuel economy.

Custom made files (MAPS).

Better control and drivability

What is ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning?


West Coast Tuning chooses to use only genuine certified tools and software giving you the best quality remapping and tuning available. Always choose genuine for the health of your engine.

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