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West Coast Tuning offers ECU Remapping services in Galway. We use only Genuine Tools for the best quality maps and results.


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Fake Tools Vs Genuine Tuning Tools.


At west Coast Tuning we use only genuine tools for the best results and maps for your car or van.

Our Tools of choice are the KESSv2 OBD Programmer and AT Autotuner

AT AutoTuner Tool

AT AutoTuner



The main issue that arise from using fake tuning tools is that quality is not guaranteed, quality of the connection to the ECU, quality of  the maps and the results that you experience. Using bad quality maps can leave your car un-drivable, with bad mixtures of fuel and air.

No Technical Support is available with fake tools.


The biggest benefit of using legitimate tuning tools & software from authorised resellers is that the necessary support is in place and a full database of the best maps, modified and originals.

AT Tunner in action @

West Coast Tuning Galway


AT Tunner West Coast Tuning Galway



AT AutoTuner


Fake auto tuning tools usually are used in conjunction with “hacked” software. This software does not get updated and does not  fix any bugs that may be in that version and causes issues with the remapping process. These issues will cost you, the customer in the long run having to bring your car to a respectable car tuner garage that uses genuine tools and software.

The other big issue that can happen is that a fake tuning tool can “brick” your car’s ECU and will require a genuine auto tuner to fix it or worse you need to order a replacement.


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