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West Coast Tuning offers Economy Remapping services in Galway. You will begin to find and enjoy lower fuel consumption as fuel prices are rising.


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West Coast Tuning offers quality Remapping & Tuning services in Galway improving your fuel efficiency.


Fuel costs are going up! Getting the best out of each fill is getting more important. There are a few ways to improve your car or van’s fuel efficiency.

There are a few tips you can follow to help becoming more fuel efficient. These are:

1: changing your driving style,
2: changing your journey
3: keep checking your tyres and pressure
and finally
4: getting an economy remap.

Economy gains will be different for every make and model.

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West Coast Tuning delivers many benefits:


Improved acceleration.

Increased Torque.

Greater fuel economy.

Custom made files (MAPS).

Better control and drivability

Economy Remap


West Coast Tuning chooses to use only genuine certified tools and software giving you the best quality remapping and tuning available. Always choose genuine for the health of your engine.


clone Alientech tuning tools

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