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West Coast Tuning offers EGR Delete and DPF removal Services for your VW Transporter in Galway

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VW Transporter Remapping


EGR Valve and DPF Services in Galway


We at west Coast Tuning know how important it is to keep your VW Transporter working well and on the road. Wether your VW Transporter is for work or for leisure there are going to be times that you need to deal with your engine’s EGR and DPF.

Your Diesel engine is usually equipped with an EGR (Engine Gas Re-uptake system). The EGR valve is designed to return part of the exhaust gas to be reburnt. When this system becomes problematic your Van can start to produce black smoke, lose power and even have problems starting.

West Coast Tuning can remap your VW Transporter and delete and remove your EGR and DPF freeing your van from further EGR/DPF issues.

Volkswagen Engine

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Benefits of Remapping for your VW Transporter Van:


  • Reduces Black Smoke.
  • Eliminates starting problems caused by an EGR valve.
  • Gives back more power giving you a smoother drive and more confidence in taking over.
  • Helps you run your transporter with more fuel economy.


West Coast Tuning chooses to use only genuine certified tools and software giving you the best quality remapping and tuning available. Always choose genuine for the health of your engine.

Call West Coast Tuning today to book your van in for Remapping. Not sure if your EGR or DPF is causing issues, let WCT run diagnostics to check.

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