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West Coast Tuning offers advanced diagnostics to help resolve your limp mode problem.


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West Coast Tuning offers Advanced Diagnostics and Limp Mode fix.


From time to time your car will experience a loss of power and the engine warning light will be displayed on your dashboard. This loss of power mode is called “Limp Mode”.


Why and What is Limp Mode?

Limp mode is a state that your engine will switch to to protect your car by reducing the power of the engine to reduce the risk of damage to it when a fault is detected by the ECU. The Engine Control Unit monitors the running of the engine and activates limp mode when a major fault is encountered. The reduced power mode should allow you the driver to make it home or to the nearest garage to resolve your engine issue.


What are the possible causes of limp mode?

The ECU monitors many sensors in your car so it is difficult to say exactly what the true cause of your engine going into limp mode with out running advanced diagnostics – Gladly provided by West Coast Tuning.


Here are some main causes that we see at WCT:


Faulty / Clogged EGR

A malfunctioning EGR can result in excessive carbon build up leading to the EGR valve becoming clogged and eventually getting stuck then the engine warning light appears and the ECU enables limp mode.


Faulty / Clogged DPF

A blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) will cause the car to go into limp mode as the exhaust gases are not allowed to escape normally.


Mass Air Flow Sensor

The MAF sensor controls the air fuel mixture in your car’s engine and in general usage it can often become greasy and fail to function correctly, when the ECU sees the MAF can’t give the engine the correct mixture, it will turn on limp mode.


What is Limp Mode and how to fix it.



How to Fix limp mode?


The first thing to do is to bring your car or van to the nearest garage, if you are in the West of Ireland, Galway Come to us.

The garage will run advanced diagnostics and will see what error codes the ECU has created. These error codes will tell the garage in what area the errors originated from.

If the error comes from the MAF sensor, a good clean may be all that is needed to restore power to your engine. If the clean does not fix the MAF error then a complete replacement of the MAF is required.


If the error code is from a malfunctioning EGR or DPF we at West Coast Tuning specialise in dealing with advanced engine diagnostics, EGR and DFF services. The EGR or DPF may be deleted by an ECU remap, cleaned or fully replaced. The final cost depends on your choice of service.  Once these issues are resolved the error codes will be reset and full power will be restored to your car or van.



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