What is DPF Cleaning & How It Works?

Regeneration cannot occur when a diesel truck regularly travels in urban traffic, and this scenario develops a need for mechanically aided DPF cleaning. A higher speed is required for the regeneration process to initiate, and a warning light is included to inform the driver of when soot elimination is necessary. An ignored warning or waiting too long to have DPF cleaning services performed prevents proper regeneration and eventually leads to complete replacement requirements.

Most products have a design that supplies fine filtration, low-pressure drop, reduced cost, and durability. Cordierite wall flow filters are the most recognized version and consist of a ceramic material functioning similar to a catalytic converter. DPF Cleaning Service offers a high degree of efficiency during filtration and is less expensive than alternative options. In addition, its lower melting point makes specific designs such as silicon carbide or ceramic fiber more desirable.

Filters require further maintenance over the basic catalytic converter because ash from oil creates a buildup within the cell walls. In addition, not every portion of diesel is converted into its gas form, thus causing soot to accumulate on the walls. 6.0 Egr Delete is harmful to various engine components and can reduce the truck’s drivability. DPF cleaning at the time of warning decreases the likelihood of further damage and keeps a truck optimally running.

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