Why Do You Need to Know about Engine Remapping?

Modern vehicle engines are managed by a computer known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This small computer regulates elements of the engine such as ignition timing, air/fuel proportion, and increase pressure. By modifying these settings, the vehicle can be modified to improve either performance or economy, or sometimes both. For the service of engine remapping near me, you need to hire the professionals. Professionals will understand your vehicle and then proceed with this service.

Remapping, usually known as Chipping, is when third-party software is lodged onto the ECU to substitute the manufacturer’s in-built software. This new software can incorporate customized settings to obtain the maximum results from the engine and can usually be customized to each specific vehicle. It is installed by attaching a laptop to the vehicle’s OBD serial port, which means it can be completed quickly and non-invasively. Older vehicles are required to have their engine’s computer chip completely withdrawn and substituted with a new chip that consists of new software. It is why it is also known as chipping.

By altering the ECU software, the engine will be able to maximize results- usually by raising horsepower and torque by 20% or more.

Deleting the DPF kit itself will help in accelerating the efficiency of turbocharger by reducing back pressure and there will be no more regens required. You will not encounter DPF clogging situations that can be hefty to address once the warranty is terminated.

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